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  • Chad Solomon

    Chad Solomon

    Owner / SEO Expert

    Hello! I have been involved in online technologies since discovering HTML programming in 1997 (thats before Google was founded). My interest continued to grow and in 2001, I started offering web services to clients. With more than 20 years of experience within the online world, I have continued to foster my passion for the web and my unique ability to understand technologies easily.

    When I am not involved in web work, I enjoy the outdoors and are an avid hiker, and I love to create photography inspired by the outdoors. Something I am proud of recently was losing 40Kg while redefining what is important to me. I hope my determination to get things done and push through difficulties has a rub-off effect on those around me, and I would love to help you achieve your online goals too!

    "Do; or do not; there is no try." - Yoda